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Roof Repairs

Sustainable renovations made with materials guaranteed for life. Whether for your home or for any other roofs on your property, we will guide you to make the best decision. Investing in the sustainability of your roof is a must for the peace of mind.


The durability of your roof is directly related to the good ventilation of your structure. With our tailor-made ventilation services, you are sure to maximize ventilation and remain within your budget.


Our varied services include damaged roof repair, insulation, ventilation, water infiltration, tinplate, soffit / fascia and many others. If you have any doubt about the condition of a component of your roof, ask us for an evaluation of the work required for a service adapted to your needs.

Winter maintenance

The build-up of snow and ice on your roof can severely damage the structure and may pose a risk of subsidence. It can also cause water infiltration problems and compromise your investment. If in doubt, call Toiture MR Professional Services.

Gutter Maintenance

Whether for a complete installation, repair, adjustment or a complete cleaning of your gutters, our services will be adapted to your situation. We can also install gutter guards which will reduce unwanted accumulations.

Heating Wires

The latest technologies allow us to prevent the formation of ice at the edge of asphalt shingle roofs, facilitating the flow of water through gutters and downpipes. The strategic installation of the heating wires makes it possible to reduce the necessary maintenance of your roof during the winter.

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When doing business with Toiture MR, you invest in a professional service with varied possibilities. When the time comes to renovate your roof, the choice of a contractor is without a doubt one of the first things to consider. The best way to avoid mistakes is to hire a contractor whose quality of work is officially recognized by a trustworthy organization.

This allows us to offer you the best quality in the industry. We will guide you in your projects so that the final result is up to your expectations.

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